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Created by photographers, findr aims at putting an end to inefficent hiring processes and communication. This means a smoother process and a lot more freedom.

The idea is simple: findr puts you in the spotlight. We complement your existing online presence, you showcase your skills and our algorithms match you with the right clients.

Promote yourself to customers on a local and global level. Get your work out there and expand your professional network of clients.

Join our ever-growing community of photographers and connect with an international group of like-minded individuals.

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What our photographers say

Debbie Waters

Sheffield · Member since June 2017

"The perfect solution to the freelance photographer's perpetual problem of how to find more work while doing the work you already have - an automated booking agent that finds the work for you."

James Dale

Dawlish · Member since April 2018

"Findr is revolutionary and represents a new way for photographers to find work and earn money."

Elio Ruscetta

London · Member since August 2017

"Findr is a great platform for freelance photographers that don't have time to market themselves and find work. The back-of-house team is lovely and are always ready to assist in an emergency."

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